JCE3782 Gold Brass Bracelet with Synthetic Onyx in Fuchsia


Shipping: Requires 4-7 day processing time

Category: Bracelet

Material: Brass

Finish: Gold

Center Stone Type: Synthetic

Center Stone Name: Onyx

Center Stone Color: Fuchsia

Weight (approx): 46.01 (g)

SKU: LO3782 Category:


$5 to $10, All Bracelets, Bracelets, Brass, Easter, Flower, Fuchsia, Galvanic Plating, Gold (14K), Gold Lust, Limited Offer, Multicolor, Onyx, Pink, Purple Series, Red, Resin, Rhinestone, Round, Ships in 4-7 Days, Single-Tone, Synthetic, Women, Yellow


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